Cara buka casing samsung galaxy tab 2

Peel the silicone off carefully. Once you've wedged a corner open, you should be able to go around the phone pulling off the silicone.

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Be careful when removing the silicone from your open ports to avoid tearing any port covers. Find the tension clips along the edge of the case. New Defender cases have clips along the side that you can pop open with your fingers. The larger the device, the more clips you'll find along the edges.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" Battery Replacement

There is typically a clip on each corner and clips in the middle for larger devices. If you're using an iPad and don't have tabs or slots, click here. Release one of the tension clips. Use your fingers to pop one of the tension clips open along the side of the case.

If you can't get your finger under the clip, you may need to use a small flat-head screwdriver or a stiff credit card to get some leverage. The tension clips release from the bottom. If using a tool to pry the clips open, lift towards the front of the case.

Don't try to pull down, or you may break the plastic. Some clips may be easier to remove than others, especially when all clips are closed. If you're having trouble with one, move onto a different clip.

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Continue releasing tension clips until the two halves separate. The front and back of the case should come apart completely. Don't force the two apart, or you may damage the tension clips. You may not be able to release all of the clips for some devices while the device is inside.

Instead, release them along the top, bottom, and one side, then open the case like a hinge. Method 2. Remove the snap-on cover. You can remove the cover by pulling any of the four corner tabs. Take off the rubber shell. Push the rubber shell off of one of the corners, then continue your way around the device until you've completely removed it. Be careful when removing the shell from ports on the iPad, as the rubber covers can be easy to tear. Flip the iPad over so that you're looking at the back. You'll be removing the panels from the back of the case.

Slide the dock panel from the bottom half. This panel will slide off about an inch below the Apple logo. Pull up on the circle around the top of the Apple logo. This circle is the latch that keeps the two pieces of the case together.

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While pulling the circle up, remove the top half of the case off of the iPad. The case is split into two halves, and pulling the circle up releases the top half, allowing you to remove it. Remove the iPad from the bottom half. You can now pull the iPad out of the bottom half of the case. Connect the two halves if you want to store them.

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Method 3. Start at the top of the device. You'll have the easiest time removing the plastic part of the case if you work from the top of the device. Pull the top plastic up and off the rubber. You may have to lift a bit to get the plastic over any Power buttons. When you lift the plastic top off, the rest of the case should come off easily. Push the rubber casing off one of the corners with your thumb. Starting from the corner is the easiest way to begin removing the rubber. The seal will be tight, so you'll need to push with some force.

Work the rubber casing off of the device. Work your way around the case to remove the rubber. Be careful with the ports, as the rubber port covers can tear easily. Method 4. Push the case off one of the corners with your thumb. The Symmetry series is one of Otterbox's simplest cases: The seal is tight, so you'll have the best luck starting from a corner and pushing the case off the edge. Otterbox recommends starting at the top edge. Use a hard plastic card if necessary.

Wedge the card under an edge of the flexible case. Lever it back and forth to pry the case away from the device enough to grasp it with your finger. Work your way around the case. Once you have a corner off, you can work your way around the edge of the case to remove it.

Be careful with the port covers so that they don't get torn. Method 5. Equalize pressure on waterproof models. Waterproof cases form an airtight seal around your device. A change in altitude or temperature can cause a pressure change that makes removal much more difficult.

If this happens, equalize pressure by inserting a coin into the gap next to the latch on front of the case, then twisting the coin. I hope this is what you are looking for. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Anonymous "Your phone bill and if possible imei number of your tab T-Mobile and Verizon each have Android apps that can help secure your device and hopefully find it. P tab loss why to tracemy samsung tab-2 p is thiefed why to trace my tab? Hi there! You may want to download and install Go Paid version to open and view documents.

Moreover, it will let you open , edit, and save them to doc, or excel, too.

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I think there is a free version somewhere but as of the moment, I could not find it. You may also want to refer to the following youtube link for review. Here is the link: Good day! The first thing you will do is download kies software from samsung site. It should read by your pc system thru the kies software and ready to transfer the files from your tablet to pc or vice versa.

How can i connect samsung galaxy tab gt p with computer? The screen of the galaxy tab 2 is very expensive. If the device is within the one year warranty period, it might be considered as out of warranty due to the physical damage. I want buy a glass for samsung galaxy tab 2 8gb gt-p but only fine to p is compatible?

Regarding your concern on how to open it. I want to open back cover of my samsung tab p how it possible pls tell me? Yes it is. You can open your word document and excel files through tablet by having a thinkfree software. If you have that app not only word and excel are going to be viewed but also the powerpoint files and you can edit it as long as you liked. You can also views the PDFs handy.

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Can i open word and excel file in samsung galaxy p? I am a doctor and samsung galaxy tab 2 p is better or galaxy note ii n is better?

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It is possible that the image you trying to open is to big just delete some files and apps to have more space then try to open it again also close all running apps before open it. Cant open jpeg files on my samsung galaxy tab 2 p? Please note that you can use Quick office to view and make simple editing of your MS office files right on your tablet. This app usually comes pre-installed on new android device.

Add Your Answer How to open galaxy tab gt-p? My samsung galay gtp is stuck on samsung logo. It boot on samsung logo nd is stuck there. This discussion closely relates to:. Anonymous 0. Can i change the battery of samsung tab2 p?

Cara bongkar casing galaxy tab 2 p3100

I want to buy a samsung tab How to remove battery of samsung galaxy P? How to remove battery of samsung galaxy tab GT-P How to open galaxy tab gt? I hav samsung galaxy gtp tab i want to open it because it is not charging but i dont know how to open it plz tell me. I have to open back cover of Samsung tab gt-p?