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Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D. Share this? New in Version 1. Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on stealing our chicks for breeding. Duke Nukem springs into action dealing damage like only he can, making his "insightful" comments along the way.

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If you've never played a Duke game, this is your chance to see why he's been a fan favorite since , with over 18 original Duke Nukem games since that time. Duke Nukem is not the typical faceless hero -- he's an in-your-face hero who has a personality that doesn't quit. Yes, it's a B-movie plot, but that's what makes it fun!

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Practically everyone who's playtested the game thinks this new method is superior. Metacritic Player Rating: It is the most astonishing game we've laid our eyes on for ages! In fact, it makes pretty much every PC game we've ever seen - "Doom" included - like slightly dull. With its free-flowing 3D action, over-the-top weapons, and ruthlessly attitudinal protagonist, Duke Nukem will have PC gamers worldwide rubbing their rumps with spine-tingling glee. Space Aliens Invade Earth for Women! Duke Nukem has what most first-person shooters don't - character!

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All rights reserved. Machineworks Northwest Genre s: Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter.

Critic Reviews. Scott is a great partner, and I'm looking forward to working together on more exciting titles in the future! I've loved working with Frederik Schreiber and the entire team. These guys know and love Duke like they're family. And the love shows in this kick-ass release. For more information visit http: Like the game on Facebook, and talk about it on the forums.

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Posted by Bryan Turner at March 15, Come Get Some: Check out the reveal trailer on YouTube. Like the game on Facebook , and talk about it on the forums. Shadow Warrior is having a new look with modern UI and OpenGL render, but with same classic hardcore gameplay which should satisfy both new gamers and gamers who played the game 15 years ago. This gives players a chances to see if they like it first. This year with the help of indie games like Hotline Miami or Binding of Isaac people turned their attention back to challenging games.

Shadow Warrior is such kind of game, it's for people who are looking for real challenge.

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  5. And we worked so hard to make their experience comfortable and enjoyable even on mobile devices with on-screen controls. Features of full version: About 3D Realms 3D Realms Entertainment, formally known as Apogee Software, began the shareware games revolution in and later teamed with id Software on the making and release of Wolfenstein 3-D, the world's first 3D shooter. For more information, please visit http: About General Arcade General Arcade was established in in Russian Federation by two developers, who grew up on classic games from id software, 3D Realms and Valve.

    Moved to Singapore in Right now General Arcade has mostly concentrated on porting classic games and games by indie developers.

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    November 21, Shadow Warrior on iOS. Lo Wang. Master ninja assassin for 20 years. A Shadow Warrior. Shadow warriors are the best of the best, and Lo Wang was the best of the Shadow warriors. Every top company in Japan had a shadow warrior Lo Wang worked for Zilla Enterprises, a conglomerate with control in every major industry.

    Too much control. Power corrupts, and Master Zilla's corporation was corrupted to the core. Lo Wang discovered Master Zilla's demonic scheme to rule Japan, using creatures summoned from the dark side. A man of honor, Lo Wang quit.

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    But one as powerful as Wang either must be on your side, or on no one's side. Master Zilla unleashes his creations for their first test: