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Parrot Asteroid | Android Powered Car Stereo

The Good The Parrot Asteroid Smart navigation system feeds Internet connectivity, navigation, mobile apps, digital-media playback, and hands-free calling through a good-looking touch-screen display. Those already familiar with Android will need no learning period to use it.

The Bottom Line The Parrot Asteroid Smart is a smartly designed and flexible multimedia receiver that hangs its hat on an app market that, for now, doesn't offer much choice. Visit manufacturer site for details. It's been over a year since we took a look at of Parrot's first Android-powered car stereo, now called the Asteroid Classic.

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The original showed much promise, but was also rather flawed. Now, Parrot takes another, more ambitious stab at bringing Android power to the dashboard with three new Asteroid receivers and and the Asteroid Market of apps to power them.

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I've gotten my hands all over the top-tier Parrot Asteroid Smart double-DIN touch-screen receiver to see if the competition needs to worry about this Asteroid being a hit. Design From its place in the car's dashboard, the Parrot Asteroid Smart looks a lot like any and every other double-DIN-size touch-screen receiver that I've tested. Users interact with the Asteroid Smart via its 6. The colors are crisp and easy to view in direct sunlight.

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Touch sensitivity and interface responsiveness are also good. The interface itself is a lightly skinned version of Android 2. The left edge of the screen, closest to the driver, is where you'll find the operating system's virtual buttons for Home, Back, Menu, and Task Switching contrasted against a black background. We'll get back to the Apps and the Asteroid Market in a bit.

Parrot Asteroid Smart Review: Android In Your Car's Dash?

The sole physical controls on the unit's face are a small illuminated power button in the lower left corner of the glossy black bezel and an eject button that triggers Parrot's oddball take on the detachable faceplate security gimmick. Rather than the entire screen and faceplate being removable, only a thin sliver of the bezel pops off, taking the power button with it and disabling the unit.

However, I think a would-be thief would probably still see that glossy 6. With the "faceplate" removed, the Asteroid's full-size SD card slot is revealed, the unit's sole front input.

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  • The Smart ships with an 8GB SD card installed in this slot -- it's a PITA to remove without needle-nosed pliers -- which largely behaves as the microSD card slot on any Android phone would, storing data, music, and photos for playback on the device. Under The Hood: Page 5: Page 6: Page 7: Android 2. Page 8: Music Playback. Page 9: Page Parrot's Asteroid Smart: Music Playback Page 9: And that takes us to the current subject at hand: About the author. Anh T.

    Parrot Asteroid Android-powered car stereo hands-on

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