Transfer contacts from iphone to sony xperia p

A moment later, You're prompted with a list of things to transfer on the center pane of the screen once the scan is complete. As you can see in the image below, the list includes all important items such as Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music, Text messages, Calendar, Call logs and Apps.

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In this article, we want to copy contacts on Sony Xperia phone to iPhone or you move iPhone contacts to Sony Xperia phone. So check the box next to Contacts item, as well as check other item in the list if you want to transfer.

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In Android to iOS journey, apps and call logs are unavailable for moving for incompatible issue however, if you want to transfer from iOS to Android, call logs is on the transferring list. When the item s is selected, hit the Start Copy button, the tool will begin transferring the contacts from Sony Xperia device to your iPhone.

2 Methods to Transfer Contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone

A small window comes up indicating the ongoing progress of the transfer operation. Wait for a while.

Sony® Xperia™ S - How to import contacts from a SIM card

The time it takes to complete the transferring process depends upon how many of contacts, and the volume of other selected items. When the process is complete, to verify that you have successfully moved all of your contacts and other content into your iPhone, go to your iPhone and check the data via corresponding apps. Phone Transfer is the robust way to get contact numbers from Sony Xperia migrated to iPhone, but it's not the only way you should consistently stick with — there are a few other methods out there by which you can get the job done manually.

If you have already got your contacts stored up in your Google account, transferring contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone will be a breeze. You just do it all on a computer. To keep contacts along with details in sync with your Google account on Sony Xperia, open Settings app, scroll down and choose Account and Sync or similar option. Enter your Google account login information and toggle the Contacts to ON. If the contacts don't appears on your iPhone, you need to enable synchronization manually.

Read next: How to get lost contacts from Sony Xperia phone. The Z3 looks like a great phone but I don't want to make the jump if sony's claims about ease of transfer are unsubstantiated. Would be good to hear of any positive experiences.

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Also is there compatibility with iTunes for updating the music library on the z3? Message 5 of 8.

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I'm hoping Sony will figure this out soon. Message 6 of 8. By the way, I use Spotify, so I cannot answer the last question Message 7 of 8. Message 8 of 8.

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My first transfer from iPhone 4s to Experia Z3 compact went perfectly but then my screen broke and the repairer reset my Sony to factory settings. Now when I try the transfer again only apps and music go across but no contacts or anything else! Anyone any ideas? This website uses cookies.

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